Founders Statements

Founders Games 2022

We're honored to have won the 2022 Webit Founder Game. As a finalist, we finalized our 20 million Series B a couple of months back, and we've now started planning our Series C investment round, which Webit is the key part. We have been growing at 2x year on year and are on the path to become the next media unicorn globally, with access to over 20 countries and beyond.

Khaled Zaataraj, VUZ (USA)

It's an honor already for us to be here. The recipe for unicorn status I'm taking in and implementing immediately. I think it's great to learn; it was very valuable feedback, which brings us much further because it really voices that encourage you to grow and to change the next generation. I thank the judges and team at Webit for being able to put this event together. I think it's actually helped us as we're going through the stages of this current round of funding as well, to tighten the message and get it more focused in a visually impactful way.

Georgius Pipelidis, Aiardne Map (Germany)

Thank you very much, first of all, for organizing this. I think it's wonderful, and the jury that you had was very impressive. It's always great to hear back from people who have been in this area for a long time, so I'm looking forward to diving in and taking that feedback and implementing it in what we're doing with our pitches.

Ray Abel, Bansen Labs (USA)

I think this is a great opportunity for every single founder. Definitely very good feedback, very detailed, so was very happy to be here today.

It is really inspiring to see other founders trying to do amazing things to change the world, and the feedback from investors and people that have done and seen things that we're doing before is truly valuable.

Daniela Terminal, Elephant in a Box (USA)