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The constant flow of new technologies and swifting market trends creates a challenge for making breakthroughs in the traditional status-quo of business. The global leaders in innovation have acknowledged that in order to keep a dominant position in a fast-changing world, working with external partners is essential. Rather than investing thousands of dollars and hours in building a new team and product, corporations can turn to startups as a source of innovation. Collaborating with the accelerating energy of the startup world and having access to emerging technologies brings to fast forward their innovation journey to being the leading force in their market.


Maintaining a leading position is an ongoing daily process for companies. Attracting and retaining the best and qualified talent makes a great portion of this process too. Having a global community of innovators and key players has attracted the most tech-savvy and dynamic audience to our events. By joining, you can tap into this potential, witness new exponential technologies, network with key players, receive attention and recognition for being among the brands actively involved in not only witnessing but also creating the sustainable and resilient future.


For more than a decade we have been building bridges by leveraging our network of thought leaders, decision makers, industry experts, VCs and impact startups. The Founders Games have always been our way of giving back to the community and empowering the innovation & entrepreneurial ecosystems by supporting the discovery and development of impact exponential technologies. With a $6M award pool being raised for 2022 and innovation expo, our global community provides an abundance of opportunities for growth, innovation, inspiration, education and business development.

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Ecosystem partners

This feels like United Digital and Innovation Nations to me! You've got people from so many different countries, policy makers, top business decision makers and a lot of energy. A truly global impact event.

Dirk Hoke

CEO, Airbus Defense and Spacet

Webit has raised the conference bar and is redefining how collaboration through events will drive positive change, an absolute must on the conference calendar

Matt Lowe


Webit’s the best - mainly because of the many unexpected new contacts I made with wonderful policy makers, deciders, and thinkers; a truly unique set of guests.

Patrick van der Smagt

Director of AI Research, Volkswagen AG

The event was overflowing with amazing energy with various experts from their respective industry and unique acumen, coupled with amazing entertaining segments and showmanship - makes this is a unique event

Nitin Gaur

Director, IBM Blockchain Labs

What we like about Webit is the coming together of many different players. Government, which is very very important, the banking partners, FinTech, Startup, the whole ecosystem coming together. I think it is a great opportunity for everyone to connect and to network.

Brian Morris

Senior Business Leader, Digital Payments Lead Central and Eastern Europe, Mastercard

I feel amazing at the Webit.Festival. This is an event organized with the unique purpose to actually drive the future, so I feel fantastic here.

Martin Wezowski

Chief Designer, SAP

I enjoyed the energy that came from the young entrepreneurs that make the digital society a reality for Europe

Eddy Hartog

Head of Unit Smart Mobility and Living, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Innovation Through Collaboration

Bridging together thousands of innovators across industries

Energy Planet & Climate Tech Smart Cities Mobility New Materials Food & AgTech Web3 SaaS FinTech, Defi Big/Small Data Defence Space Logistics Ecommerce Synthetic Biology BioTech Therapeutics Digital Health Wellness Longevity Digital Media Neo Content AI Companions MarTech / AdTech Fashion Robotics AI, ML EdTech Metaverse Collaboration Brain Machine Interfaces Enterprise Voice, Haptics Ambient AI Computing

GLOBAL community and IMPACT

Webit’s series of events have stepped on 3 continents creating a bridge between people, businesses, decision makers and countries. Our community is made of top business & industry executives, impact & policy leaders, startup founders & venture capitalists, environmental activists & academia, media representatives & correspondents.

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