Omer Davidi

Co-founder, BeeHero

The Founders Games experience was quite amazing. I think it's the combination of being in the right place, with the right people, the right investors, and being among amazing companies doing such great things.

We deal with saving the bees, which is a major deal, helping pollination, food production, and food security. Usually, we highlight ourselves among other companies in our space, but here it was just an aggregation of so many companies doing such good things out there from different spaces, and it's very hard to highlight yourself in those environments.

Being able to speak about 'Be Hero' in the right forums, with some leaders that can help you to actually bring the value to the place that it is required the most, I think it's one of the biggest takeaways.

The process itself, in the filtering process and the work with the investors and some of the mentors during the process, clearly helped us to define what it is that we do and how do we highlight the important points in our story.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of it, and my experience in Davos was just amazing.