Ady Beitler

Co-founder and CEO, Nilus

Hi, my name is Ady Beitler, and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Nilus. We are a technology company that aims to lower the cost of access to healthy food and groceries for the bottom of the pyramid by organizing community group-buy networks in Latin America. We're one of the five winners of the latest editions of the Founders Games. It was an amazing experience that made a huge impact on our company.

At the beginning, we submitted our information and interacted with the Webit team online. During this first month, they already made valuable introductions to renowned investors, many of whom were part of the very jury who selected the candidates. Once we made it to the semifinals, we really saw the full potential of the Founders Games. We pitched at COP28 in Dubai, which is the official climate conference organized by the United Nations, and it was an amazing opportunity to meet the most cutting-edge solutions in the fight against climate change, as well as a major boost in our prestige and credibility as a startup in the food security space.

During COP28, we were able to meet amazing people, many of whom will become investors and partners in Nilus, I'm sure. Once we learned that we had made it to the finals, we were told that we would be pitching in Davos, no less. This was another incredible experience because we were able to attend the most prestigious conference in the world and meet amazing people from the most successful companies and public institutions.

It is hard to quantify the impact of meeting people like, for example, the UN Assistant Secretary-General, but I'm sure it will be long-lasting and seminal. Also, the feedback from the judges at each stage of the evaluation helped us improve our presentation and our business model because it was precise, direct, and constructive.

And then, of course, I'd like to highlight the Webit team. Dr. Plamen Russev is an amazing visionary leader from whom I learn a lot in every interaction we have. But most importantly, perhaps, he and his team enjoy a level of respect and prestige unlike anything I've seen before. Being one of the winners of the Founders Games is opening up doors with investors and partners at the fastest pace that I have witnessed since we started Nilus 6 years ago.

We couldn't be more thankful to the Webit Foundation for this opportunity, and I highly recommend to any entrepreneur who seeks to make a positive contribution to the world to apply and engage with it. Thank you so much. Watch.