Endorsing Founders Who Impact The World

November 11, 2022

The Founders Games (FG) is the most competitive and premiere late stage, scale-up, impact platform of Webit for fostering and supporting the innovation ecosystem globally.

On the quest to find the fastest growing scaleups generating societal and environmental change, the Founders Games endorses and awards with up to $6M to impact companies building the desirable world of tomorrow. Through a bi-annual scaleup challenge gathering 4000+ applicants, the platform brings together the best founders, the world's top investors, corporate leaders and media to identify and support resilient innovations and impact entrepreneurs globally.

During the past 12 years Webit has been providing grants to hundreds of companies participating in the Foundes Games. They receive support with meetings and intros to investors, corporates and media from all over the world, increasing their funding, finding the right partners, reaching new markets and receiving global media coverage.

FG is the only global platform powered by the collective intelligence of over 300 late stage VC investors. They screen through and score over 3000 applications in 17 industry verticals per season coming from 140+ countries. The best in line get to present their solutions to a curated jury panel. Each vertical has a winner who has the opportunity to reach the finals in Davos and choose a mentor from the investors to support them in their way to the finals.

At the Founders Games Gala in Davos during WEF 2023 the startup finalists have the opportunity to present to a top-tier audience, meet business executives and decision makers from Fortune 500 companies, investors, media, policy makers and societal leaders from the Davos global community.

80% of the finalists from the past 6 years have raised a next round in less than 6 months after their participation. They have collectively attracted additional capital at a multiple of 6,9 times after being announced as finalists of the Founders Games which led to the creation of the FG6 index.

Value for FOUNDERS

  • Exposure to over 300 late stage VCs, investors, corporate and family offices from all around the world.
  • Multiples, milestones, team and other actual benchmarks for founders based on over 30 data points from 3000 companies scored by 300+ investors - the biggest benchmarking data set in the world!
  • Media exposure and global endorsement in front of hundreds of corporate partners and community members.
  • Support in investment round closures.
  • Participation with investment in the current round as well as potential follow-on investments in next rounds (applicable only for the finalists of the FG).

Our aim is to expand our impact to many more millions of people and share our optimism about a world full of abundance of opportunities. A world made possible by bringing to light responsible, resilient lifestyle, exponential technologies and the people who will help the human kind to achieve it.

The winter season applications are open till November 21 2022. If youā€™re ready to showcase your company as the solution to build on the impact, you can submit your application at the link here and join the $6M race with finals during WEF 2023. Good luck and hope to see you in Davos!

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