iSchool Success Story

March 9, 2023

Did you know that there are more than 100 million students with no access to technology education programs, curriculum, or career plans in the MENA region? At the same time, tech jobs are the most wanted hires in the region making for a huge gap between the market need and education.

One of the finalists in Webit.Foundation's Founders Games Winter edition is aiming to fill in this gap Š¾perating in the EdTech sector,  iSchool is the MENA leading online coding platform offering personalized online coding classes for 6 to 18 years old students.

Ibrahim Abdullah, iSchool

Founded in 2018 by Ibrahim Abdullah, Muhammad Gawish and Mustafa Abdelmoneim, they're empowering today's generations to become tomorrow's technology leaders. Their online coding platform offers 1:1 or 1:6 live coding classes in artificial intelligence, data science, game dev, VR, AR. Students receive the tools for starting a career in tech fields e.g. programming, robotics, electronics, AI, graphic design, game development and more, freelancing, or even launching their own startups.

The platform has been selected for The Elite 200 GSV 2023 List for the most disruptive edtech companies with previous nominees such as Coursera, MasterClass, QuillBot and other edtech unicorns. Their curriculum has been integrated with more than 30 tools and platforms as Microsoft, Adobe, Unity, SolidWorks and more.

iSchool has reached 10,000 Graduates, 1,000 active paying users monthly and 10,000 free engaging users monthly. They have been contributing to the STEM education sector to offer technology education opportunities for young students from 6 to 18 years old since 2019 with features such as: live training with local experts in Arabic and English, long-term Tech-based career plan, small groups for a personalized experience, weekly feedback and analytics for parents to engage and follow up with the student's progress, user-friendly and kid-friendly platform, accreditation and certification from STEM Org and IAIDL, affordable prices with flexible payment plans.

The company has raised a seed round of $1.4M led by Innovo VC and has an ever growing revenue since launching.

Special thanks to the jury evaluating iSchool: Bakhrom Ibragimov - Molten Ventures, Dr. Michael Hoeck - Earlybird, Wissam Mansour - Neventa Capital, Milena Nikolova - Aera Ventures, Vlad Sarca -Sparking Capital, Hidde Hoogcarspel - Dutch Founders, Tomas Guida - All Iron Ventures, Kateryna Kovalenko - DEPO Ventures, Sarah Chen- Spellings from Beyond the Billion, Anthony Scaramucci from Skybridge , Adam Niewinski from OTB Ventures, Nimrod Gerber from Vital Capital, Ajay Ramachandran from Webit Capital Partners, Omar Al Yawer from Ruya Partners , Alexander Galitsky from Almaz Capital Partners, David Gorodyansky from Impact Future

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