WIN invests in iSchool - the rapidly growing education platform in the Middle East

December 13, 2023

The region is on a trajectory of economic and demographic growth with over 100 million students from first to 12th grade - potential iSchool customers.

If there is any guarantee for a good future - it is the investment in education.

At Webit Investment Network (Bulgarian Stock Exchange: WIN) we are happy to announce our investment in the company iSchool.

This is an educational platform that teaches children from 1st to 12th grade digital skills. The main market is the Middle East, with over 100 million potential customers.  

This year, the company will generate over $3M in revenue, educating over 4’000 children a month. 

ISchool shows  double growth compared to last year, and expectations for next year are even more optimistic.

Very soon, the first deal with the government to educate 10’000 new children will be announced.

The company is on the threshold of a completely new training model based on artificial intelligence, with the upcoming launch of their K-12 platform, as well as a new one that allows for the complete customization of the educational process to the needs of each student .

The money from the current investment round in which WIN is participating will be used for product development and to establish itself in new markets in the Middle East and North African regions.

This is WIN's fourth investment in a row and second this week alone.

Two days ago WIN announced its investment in CH4 Global, together with one of the iconic US venture capital investment funds - DCVC as well as the fund of the former president and CEO of McDonald's - Cleveland Avenue.

This is another WIN investment in a fast-growing company that not only generates potential for economic success, but also has a positive social and environmental impact.

Last week in an official ceremony in the Presidential Hall of the UN Climate Conference and in the presence of the UN Assistant Secretary General, top international investors, politicians and innovators, Webit announced the list of 10 semi-finalists (2-4 more to be announced) that will compete in the finals in Davos during the World Economic Forum and will include companies in WIN has the irrevocable right to invest.

Thus, approximately 700 Bulgarian shareholders in WIN (from BSE's Beam market)  will become owners in several more top global, fast-growing companies that not only grow, but generate social and environmental positive impact, making them the companies of the future !

iSchool passed the Founders Games 2022 program and was named a finalist in the competition, ranking among the 6 selected from over 3,500 applicants in the winter season of Webit's “Games for Entrepreneurs”. WIN has the exclusive contractual right to invest in all Founders Games finalists. Thus, WIN investors gain the right to own property through the shares that WIN buys in these fast-growing companies.

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