These are the COP28 Finalists – the founders who’ll help save the humankind

December 12, 2023

They competed with over 4,300 other contenders from 150 countries and won the highest ratings from a jury of over 300 growth stage VC investors

А special Webit GROW@COP ceremony held at the conference center of the United Nations COP Presidency in Dubai, Webit announced the 10 finalist companies that reached the COP round of one of the world's largest advanced innovation programs and competitions for growth  stage companies - Founders Games organized by Webit. They will join the rest of the finalists, which will traditionally be announced at a special gala ceremony  during the World Economic Forum in Davos in January.

The COP finals were honored by Mrs. Afshan Khan, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, representatives of the world's investment elite, ministers, policy makers and innovators.

The Webit Foundation has partnered with the independent climate change accelerator UICCA, personally led by Her Royal Highness Sheikha Shamma, a progressive member of the royal family of UAE. Before the big ceremony on the 10th, the semi-finals of the Founders Games took place from the 3rd to the 9th of December, where the semi-finalists from the verticals - Healthcare, Energy, Mobility, Education, Cleantech, Food & Agritech and Finance presented their companies to a jury of over 100 investors during COP..

Let us introduce you to the Founders Games GROW@COP finalists:

BeeHero, an innovative Israeli company founded in 2017. The company's mission is to tackle the alarming decline of bee populations. BeeHero installs advanced sensors in both hives and fields, strategically collecting audio and biological data. By applying proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analysis, BeeHero transforms this data - invaluable to beekeepers and producers alike.

At the core of Nilus' approach is the development of technology to directly source food at risk of spoilage from farmers and producers. This food is then efficiently distributed to low-income communities. By leveraging technology and promoting community-led initiatives, Nilus not only tackles food waste, but also ensures that nutritious and affordable food reaches those who need it most.

Novoloop is a technology company committed to tackling the problem of plastic waste and creating a more sustainable future. The company invented a chemical technology to convert post-consumer plastic waste into the world's first chemically recycled low-carbon elastomers.

OroraTech enables better climate resilience solutions through continuous thermal data from space. After the launch of the first thermal sensor FOREST-1 in 2022 and the subsequent introduction of FOREST-2 in 2023, a network of sensors was established to continuously monitor the Earth's temperature on a global scale. Within just three minutes, the technology alerts clients if their assets are at risk, ensuring timely action.

HeyCharge is a company founded in 2020. HeyCharge guarantees cheap and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging. They replace traditional internet connections at each charging station with a secure, token-based communication system via users' smartphones. This solution provides fast and completely reliable charging, even in challenging environments such as areas with low coverage or no coverage, including underground parking lots.

PlanetWatch introduces an engaging element of gamification to air quality monitoring. This approach not only raises awareness but also encourages active participation in monitoring efforts. PlanetWatch builds its network through the use of compact air quality monitors that seamlessly transmit data to a cloud platform.

 inHEART is a company that specializes in developing cutting-edge software solutions designed specifically for cardiologists. inHEART creates digital duplicates of patients' hearts. These digital images serve as invaluable tools for cardiologists, offering support in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and assisting in the prediction, screening and prevention of various heart diseases in the general population.

AwanTunai is a leading fintech company in Indonesia. It is at the forefront of digitizing the offline FMCG supply chain. The company effectively addresses operational and financial challenges for offline suppliers by integrating ERP software plug-ins and embedded financing solutions.

Payflow - a company founded in March 2020. Payflow gives users on-demand access to their paychecks, freeing them from strict payment schedules. Other features of the app are: Learnflow (financial education platform), Saveflow (integrated virtual and automated savings system) and Flexflow (the compensation platform)

ATLANT 3D  is a Danish deep technology company founded in 2018 to revolutionize electronics atom by atom. The company is developing fundamentally different and innovative micro- and nanofabrication platform technology that enables atomically precise advanced manufacturing of advanced materials and electronics.

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