Startup Name: CONELUM

Category: Food & Nutrition

Stage: Post Seed

Country: Latvia

Startup Website:

About: Conelum Biotech has created a proprietary joint-solution for ultra-fast microbiological diagnostics & enumeration at ultra-high sensitivity level. The solution consists of: 1. EloKIT(tm) Rapid Test (that could be developed for enumeration of any microorganism in any substance) 2. Automatic Scanning Microscope, EloSCOPE (that captures and digitalises all visual data as well as creates a 3d visualisation of the sample prepared using EloKIT. The EloSCOPE then automatically counts the cells of interest using our dedicated self-educating morphology-specific image analysis software, hence the accuracy. 2 weeks ago Conelum was announced as a winner of National Startup Awards Europe in category of Green Technology.

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