Startup Name: Feelif d.o.o.

Category: Health

Stage: Post Seed

Country: Slovenia

Startup Website: www.feelif.si

About: Feelif enables blind and visually impaired people to feel shapes on a standard touchscreen. Feelif is a standard tablet or a smart phone on which you put a special grid on top of it’s touchscreen, and install a special app, which bonds it all together. Using vibrations and speech Feelif signals blind person what’s beneath their finger. We are building 2 products. Feelif device and a Feelif Open Platform, which is a marketplace for content and apps. We want to build a community of users and unite all stakeholders through Feelif Open Platform. With Feelif and special attachment for Feelif, it will be also possible to play different board games, such as chess... We will invite also others: - software developers to develop apps for Feelif and - content creators to create good content for Blind.

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