Davos: Checks for BGN 1,600,000 received by the winners of Webit Grand Finals - Founders Games

January 19, 2024

Webit Foundation was hosting its Founders Games Grand finals in Davos. The 14th Webit Grand Final was one of the most anticipated events for investors, innovators and media in Davos. 12 esteemed global growth companies showcased their impactful solutions and resilient business ventures. Founders Games Finalists were selected from over 4500 companies from 150 countries. They have endured the test of the collective intelligence of 250+ investors and late-stage VC representatives in 5 rounds of selection and made it to the Grand Finals.

The event had a waiting list that exceeded 2,800 guests. Representatives from BlackRock ($9 trillion under management), Mercer ($16.45 trillion as a consultant and $379 billion under management), media including the editors-in-chief of Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, CNN's Richard Quest and many others witnessed the selection of the most successful, sustainable and influential entrepreneur in the world for 2023.

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria Academician Nikolay Denkov was also among the special guest at the event, as well as the Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev, the member of the European Union Eva Maydel and others.

These are the big winners:

The jury favorites were the companies BeeHero, with a check of 600'000 BGN, and inHeart, with a check of 400'000 BGN.

All of them have received checks, and after passing an additional stage of due diligence, their investment may increase.

AwanTunai is a leading fintech company in Indonesia. It is at the forefront of digitizing the offline FMCG supply chain. The company effectively addresses operational and financial challenges for offline suppliers by integrating ERP software plug-ins and embedded financing solutions.
Jentis - leading European Data Capture Platform (DCP) that reshapes the future of data-driven marketing in a privacy-first world. JENTIS DCP consists of three main components: Capture: Server-side tracking, various data enrichments as well as raw data availability, Control: Compliant processing and data masking, Share: Integrations for compliant data flow to 3rd party marketing and analytics tools.
At the core of Nilus' approach is the development of technology to directly source food at risk of spoilage from farmers and producers. This food is then efficiently distributed to low-income communities. By leveraging technology and promoting community-led initiatives, Nilus not only tackles food waste but also ensures that nutritious and affordable food reaches those who need it most.
BeeHero's mission is to tackle the alarming decline of bee populations. BeeHero installs advanced sensors in both hives and fields, strategically collecting audio and biological data. By applying proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analysis, BeeHero transforms this data - invaluable to beekeepers and producers alike.
inHEART is a company that specializes in developing cutting-edge software solutions designed specifically for cardiologists. inHEART creates digital duplicates of patients' hearts. These digital images serve as invaluable tools for cardiologists, offering support in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and assisting in the prediction, screening and prevention of various heart diseases in the general population.

Rich Nuzum from Mercer, Oliver Holle from Speedinvest, Nityen Lal from ICOS Capital, Adam Niewinski from OTB Ventures, Omar Al Yawer from Ruya Partners, Renee Niemi from Mighty Capital, Karen McCormick from Beringea, Alexander “Sasha” Galitsky from Almaz Capital, Bakhrom Ibrahimov from Molten, Clemente Francavilla from Plug & Play were part of the All-Star investors jury panel.

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