Noyes Technologies Success Story

March 23, 2023

On Jan 19 in Davos during the week of WEF, Webit.Foundation hosted the FG Grand Finale & ESG cocktail in Hilton Garden Inn. Globally renowned startups shared their impact solutions in clean and sustainable technologies, education, robotics, mobility, new materials and financial technologies. The event focused on ESG and clean solutions following оur mission to identify, endorse and support high growth companies and their founders leading the way to achieving the SDGs by creating successful, scalable, sustainable and resilient business ventures.

One of the finalists that had the chance to pitch at a “top of the world” altitude has been Noyes Technologies.

The German company was founded in 2021 by longtime former BMW managers Aaron Spiegelburg & Marco Prueglmeier. Having worked at the intersection of logistics and innovation for decades, they saw the need for a new approach to automate warehousing in general - one that is ultra-dense, highly flexible, and easily adaptable to the demanding needs of today’s customers.

Aaron Spiegelburg and Marco Prüglmeier, Noyes Technologies

Aaron Spiegelburg and Marco Prüglmeier, Noyes Technologies

Noyes Technologies is aiming to revolutionize and simplify small warehouse automation and boost efficiency even in the smallest spaces. Their solution offers the first automated warehouse for small spaces which is affordable with no on-site maintenance.

Warehousing space in urban environments is not only hard to find but also often found at a profit eroding cost. This represents one of the biggest challenges to the logistics industry, one that the company is aiming to solve with a novel approach: shrink the entire process.

By providing a flexible plug-and-play system, Noyes Technologies states that they can convert any storefront to a nano-warehouse, compressing 2000 Stock SKUs into a 30 sqm space with a ceiling height of approximately 2 meters. Being fully automated, there’s no need for aisle space, and the startup reports the entire picking process per item can be completed in five to ten seconds.

The robotic warehousing maker is specifically designed to be used in urban markets. With the growing trend of consumers’ expectations of ever-faster delivery times, Noyes is aiming to provide a fully automated distribution solution. 

The company has won a 2022 IFOY AWARD, also known as the “Oscar of intralogistics” which is presented in recognition of the year's best intralogistics products and system solutions.

They have raised $3.8 million in seed funding in a round led by Vsquared Ventures, 468 Capital and Abacon Capital participating. The funding is expected to be used to accelerate product roll-out as well as further develop the company’s flexible robotic warehousing technology.

The first system installation was done in September 2022 with more to follow in the remaining year 2022. Next milestones are scale up of installed systems and additional features like automated picking, cooling/freezing solution and a robot elevator.

Shoutout to the investors jury in the Founders Games having their evaluation on Noyes Technologies and the participating companies: Christoph Schuh - Lakestar, Steve Schlenker - DN Capital, Bakhrom Ibragimov - Molten Ventures, Arne Morteani - Kiko Ventures, Ali Karabey - 212, Thierry Golliard - Swiss Post Ventures, Lukáš Konečný -Y Soft Ventures, Fady Saad - Cybernetix Ventures, Sarah Chen- Spellings from Beyond the Billion, Anthony Scaramucci from Skybridge, Adam Niewinski from OTB Ventures, Nimrod Gerber from Vital Capital, Ajay Ramachandran from Webit Capital Partners, Omar Al Yawer from Ruya Partners, Alexander Galitsky from Almaz Capital Partners, David Gorodyansky from Impact Future

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