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WechselGott GmbH

WechselGott GmbH
  • Startup Name: WechselGott GmbH
  • Name of the company: WechselGott GmbH
  • Country: Germany
  • Date Founded: 6/12/2018
  • Stage: Round A
  • Area: Financial technologies, DeFi
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Founders Games Pitch

Our platform now allows for automatic collection of customers insurance and energy contracts and processing via various APIs, offering a one-stop stop and simplified conversion of our B2B2C partner's existing cutomer base into lucrative revenue streams. Our soon to be aquired KID license enables us as one of the few fintechs in Germany to use transaction data directly and offer this capability to our B2B partners as well. Hybrid sales operations combine both classical insurance agents' consulting with a simplified processing via our app, in particular easing the manual work required in the composite insurance area.
Energy and insurance contract handling is very time and manual labor intensive, often done via paper processing. We aim to provide customers and B2B(2C) partners with the easiest and most automated way to collect and optimize their energy and insurance contracts via our application or integrated API services. Our solution is the only one that allows for an automated end-to-end collection of energy and insurance contracts from customers from their bank account via PSD2-API to the optimization and processing with insurances, agents and service providers, hereby allowing our partners to monetize their existing customer base with ease.
We are usually compared to CLARK, but who do not possess any automation in the collection and processing of the insurance contracts, nor do they offer energy contract switching. We aim to offer our services primarily to B2B2C customers, leveraging the existing customer relationship and avoid high customer aquisition.
We primarly work with B2B2C customers via a revenue share model and leverage their customer base with regards to insurance and energy contract optimization and sales, i.e. recieve commissions by insurers or energy companies. Lastly, we can offer all our services via an API integration into our partners ecosystem.
We already have 16 Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken and service them/their customers - apart from a smaller B2C segment.
The milestones so far have been the launch of the app, the first Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken, the PSD2 interface, the API platform and the upcoming granting of the KID / PSD2 license by the BAFIN.
Post seed:
Raised money: 1000000 EUR
Valuated at: 5000000 EUR
Round A:
Raised money: 5600000 EUR
Valuated at: 28000000 EUR