Webit Founders Games 2022


  • Startup Name: EcoTree
  • Name of the company: EcoTree
  • Country: Denmark
  • Date Founded: 1/2/2016
  • Stage: Round A
  • Area: Cleantech & Smart Energy
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Founders Games Pitch

EcoTree offers a high-quality, certified carbon removal solution that pays back for itself and builds biodiversity and sustainable forestry.
Deforestation continues at an alarming rate across the planet. We lose 48 football fields’ worth of forest every minute. At the same time, sustainable financial models to support reforestation have not been developed. Forestry remains a niche business, inaccessible to the general public At EcoTree, we acquire mistreated land and transform it into flourishing forests by letting companies and individuals take ownership over the trees planted. As tree owners, they’re able to claim the carbon as their trees grow, support biodiversity, and ultimately the financial gain when their trees are harvested and sold for sustainable timber purposes that keep the carbon locked in the wood, i.e. furniture and as raw materials for construction. By generating more revenue than initial costs, our model transforms carbon removal from an abstract, high-binding expenditure into a concrete, social and long-term financial gain. That's why we call our verified carbon certificates a carbon removal solution that pays for itself! We’re the only sustainable forestry company in the world that offers tree ownership, by the unit, at an affordable price (starting at 15€) with 100% of the profits from the timber production going directly back to the tree owners, i.e. the individuals and companies.
EcoTree does not really have any 'direct' competitors but only indirect ones, as we’re positioned at the crossroads of several different markets. Our indirect competitors include firms and companies selling carbon credits, as well as associations carrying out environmental protection projects. Actors selling reforestation projects abroad often offer trees at much lower rates than EcoTree's rates. As a forest management company, EcoTree's rates include the overall maintenance of its forests, from planting to felling, in a way that is close to nature (silvicultural approach). It is this long-term, transparent and sustainable approach that differentiates EcoTree from other players offering reforestation projects, as well as the tree ownership offer which is unique to EcoTree. Consulting or CSR firms are indirect competitors that can potentially become our prescribers, so they represent an opportunity for EcoTree.
At EcoTree, we let forests flourish AND provide at the same time! Concretely: 1) In a few clicks and for as low as 15€, anyone can buy newly-planted trees from our forests. The tree comes with an online account, where they can track its growth, financial gain, contribution to CO2 capture and geolocation. 2) We take care of the planting, long-term care and maintenance of your trees; we ensure that they grow into healthy, durable carbon sinks and biodiverse forestry ecosystems. 3) Once they have reached maturity, we selectively cut them and the tree-owners receive 100% of the revenue generated by the sale of the high-quality timber. By ultimately generating more revenue than initial costs, our model transforms carbon removal and tree planting from an abstract, undocumented action into a concrete, long-term financial gain. Since its creation, EcoTree has seen its turnover grow by 100% per year. We have achieved a turnover of 7.7 million USD in 2021. The turnover was 3.9 million USD in 2020 and 1.5 million USD in 2019. We have currently reached over 50,000 individual clients and over 1,500 business clients within six years.
We have currently reached over 50,000 individual clients and over 1,500 business clients within six years. We have customers from all over the world, but the majority comes from our focus markets: France, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands.
- Milestones to date: 1) EcoTree is now firmly established in Paris and Brest in France, and we are continuing our international development through our international headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, initiated in 2019. 2) We have reached 1.5 million trees planted and managed, on 1000 hectares of land owned by EcoTree. Over 50,000 individual clients and over 1,500 business clients have bought our trees in our forests to financially support sustainable forestry and biodiversity. 3) We are a team of 70 people - 55% women, 45% men - divided between the offices in Brest, Paris (France) and Copenhagen (Denmark). 4) Our own carbon-capture computation methodology has been verified and certified by Bureau Veritas. 5) Our innovative tree-ownership model is endorsed and approved by national financial authorities such as the French AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) or the Danish Finanstilsynet. 6) Our forest projects have the PEFC and FSC label. 7) We achieved our B Corp certification in 2021 with distinction as 'Best for the World' in the Environment Category. - Next in 2022 1) New market entries in 2022 include: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland. 2) Our forecasts are to plant 100,000 hectares of new forests after five years; with 160 million of trees planted, and an additional tCO2e removed from the atmosphere per annum of 4.8 million tCO2e. 3) We plan on creating 150 biodiversity projects within 3 years. 4) Our action also includes a social impact, with 500 new jobs created, in European forests and at EcoTree.
Post seed:
Raised money: 1200000 EUR
Valuated at: 3300000 EUR
Round A:
Raised money: 2000000 EUR
Valuated at: 11600000 EUR