WIN € 200'000 seed investment!

Founders Games

At Webit.Foundation we are happy to announce that we not only provide free grant for startups to get a free expo table, free festival tickets and opportunity to meet unparalleled selection top enterprise leaders from all around the world + investors but also an opportunity to WIN € 200'000 in seed investment!

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In case you are selected - all you have to do is to book your travel and accommodation
and pay your expo table branding package at as low as 80 EUR.

The Seed Investment

The seed investment of 200 000 EUR is provided by Plamen Russev (chairman of Webit.Foundation, investor and serial entrepreneur) and prominent entrepreneurs and investors.

Тhe form in which the seed investment will be paid out is a convertible loan. The loan will convert into shares of preferred stock upon the closing of a next equity financing (Series A round of financing) at market terms for such an instrument.

There will be 2 tranches. The first tranche of 50 000 EUR will be transferred within a month after winning Webit’s Founders Games.

The second tranche will be released upon achieving certain milestones negotiated between the investors and the winner.

The investment offer is non-obligatory for the startup winner of Webit's Founders Games and subject to standard due diligence processes on behalf of the investors.

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In case you are selected - all you have to do is to book your travel and accommodation
and pay your expo table branding package at as low as 80 EUR.

Previous Investors

Previous Investors


  • 84% Europe
  • 9% USA
  • 7% MENA
  • 5% Asia
  • 1% Rest of the World


As far as your company is active in the following disciplines:

Advertising Analytics
& Big Data
Blockchain Cleantech Clothing
& Fashion
& Media
Cryptocurrencies Cyber
E-commerce &
Online marketplaces
eLearning Enterprise
Fintech Food &
Health Industrial
internet & IoT
Infrastructure Manufacturing tech
& Materials
Med tech
& Pharma
Mobile Money Non-Profit On-demand
& dating
Social Media
& Messaging
& Automotive
Travel Virtual


WEBIT.FESTIVAL will provide startups with a free expo table and 600 free expo tickets.

The startups that qualify shall have access to all attendees of WEBIT.FESTIVAL - the major and most influential tech and digital global event for CEE.


The selection is made on 5 major milestones:

- Team capacity - 10 points
- Project Scalability - 10 points
- Business approach - 10 points
- Marketing approach - 10 points
- Uniqueness of the idea - 10 points


WEBIT.FESTIVAL is the only place where startups meet investors, reporters, the CEOs, CMOs and CTOs of the world's largest and most innovative companies along with the biggest global and regional advertisers. Only at WEBIT.FESTIVAL your startup will have access not only to hundreds of investors but also to major potential partners and clients making WEBIT.FESTIVAL the most StartUp friendly digital and tech industry event.

Hundreds of accredited journalists from all over the world will be present during WEBIT.FESTIVAL, searching for the next great startup. At the event you may meet and connect with editors in chief, editors and correspondents from Wall Street Journal, Mashable, The Next Web, Wired, Bloomberg, Guardian, TechCrunch, e27, Wamda, ITP, Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Economist and many more.

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In case you are selected - all you have to do is to book your travel and accommodation
and pay your expo table branding package at as low as 80 EUR.

The Winner
Of Founders Games Europe 2018

Category: Biotech Stage: Post Seed
Country: Spain

Watch Founders Games 2018 Award Ceremony

The Finalists
Category: Blockchain Stage: Post Seed
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Analytics & Big Data Stage: Post Seed
Country: United Kingdom
Category:Cleantech Stage: Post Seed
Country: Italy

See the Selected Webit 2018 Top Startups

About Webit.Foundation

Webit stands for a global community and a series of events, the largest of which welcomes over 15 000 attendees from 110 countries.

The Webit Global Community consists of over 100 000 digirati, policy makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and experts fascinated by technology and fostering the digital transformation in the business and the society.

The annual events' locations include Istanbul(Webit.EMEA), Dubai (Webit.MENA), Singapore (Webit.APAC), New Delhi (Webit.INDIA) and Sofia (Webit.Festival EUROPE) thus bridging digital Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Webit.Foundation is committed to boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in EMEA and Asia and improving the state of innovation for a better future. Annually, we grant over $1 million to startups from all around the world through our Founders Games and also providing awards of over €200 000 for the winning startup.

During the years, Webit remained committed to one very important thing - creating happiness. We believe that happiness is where people are successful while staying together with their family and friends.

We are achieving this goal by creating a density of opportunities and bringing the top entrepreneurs, investors, enterprise leaders, academia and policy makers from all around the world to the locations where we are needed.